Ceramic and Granite Tiles from Cerdomus Imitates Wooden Panels!

We came across this article showcasing these stunning granite and ceramic floor tiles, which emulate wood panels. We thought it was worth sharing!

These granite tiles from Italian company Cerdomus are unusual, modern and effortlessly beautiful. Although made of ceramic-granite, the tiles mimic gorgeous wood flooring. Their unique appearance brings dynamic contrasts into modern interior design, while offering practical and convenient flooring. Wood-like floor tiles are a timeless choice that turn living spaces into luxurious and unique rooms, filled with comfort, warmth and timeless elegance.

GBC Ceramic and Granite Tiling from Cerdomus imitates Wooden Panels! 2

The stone medium ensures durability and practicality – granite is more robust than a marble or man made stone. These modern floor tiles are excellent for creating original interior design and add a contemporary touch to home decorating. These stunning floor tiles are suitable for decorating almost all home interiors, from bathrooms, laundry rooms and entryways to kitchens and living rooms.

GBC Ceramic and Granite Tiling from Cerdomus imitates Wooden Panels! 3

The floor tiles are made of ceramic-granite, durable and attractive, encouraging to experiment and create fresh and sophisticated floor decor. The ceramic granite floor tiles are designed for few stylish collections, ideal for different interior design and home decorating styles, from country home style to classic, contemporary and eco style. Numerous tile colour shades reflect natural wood yellowish to bleached white and brown colours of natural wood.

GBC Ceramic and Granite Tiling from Cerdomus imitates Wooden Panels! 4

Monochromatic colour schemes make it easy to create  a sleek and modern design for your floor decoration. If you’re after something a little more out there, the tiles are also offered in more vibrant colour combinations.

All collections from Cerdomus are 100% original, blending nature inspired themes with contemporary home decorating material.

Source: stevewilliamskitchens.co.uk

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